This Is All Reel

Master Commercial Demo 
A montage of commercial, music video and skills. Full videos and more below.
Microsoft (USA)
Take a look at the new smart band commercial...I'm with the baby :)

Voice Demo

A collection of voice characters 

inhabiting their environments.

Samsung (UK)
Here I am happily chasing my co-actor son around a tree. Yay appliances!
Take A Bite Of This 
I co-hosted a product review episode for Bitesize TV's "Tech It Out" channel.
Samsung (Poland)

A Polish national ad I played a lead in for the new Nokia Lumia phone.​​​

Skills & Thrills

​Quick gander at some fun and

useful abilities...well, fun for sure. ​​

LILA: Music and Image 
Check out the office-bound boy, as he discovers his true love in this music vid.
Q Sciences
Meet my family! Our first commercial together. Let's get healthy.
Michael Sweet, Coming Home (EP) 
I play the hero role in this music video about a Soldier who leaves, then returns.
Arrowhead Water Spec

A trek to the beach; a place where I find peace.